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Man Spends 3 Years Proposing To His Girlfriend Via Love Letters, She Never Notices It Until One Day

This man wrote his girlfriend 14 letters while they dated, and she had no idea they contained a secret message

After revealing the message to her, Timothy and Candice, below, became engaged

“I am very difficult to surprise so this totally caught me off guard,” Candice told Daily Mail Australia

“Tim is always like this. He’s genuinely a thoughtful and romantic kind of guy”

The couple, who got together in 2013, were recently married in Sydney

On their wedding day, Tim serenaded Candice with a song he wrote 2 months into their relationship

Though they had been friends since 2009, they took their time progressing to lovers

“The fact that we knew each other so well made the relationship feel so secure,” Candice said

“… Having our hearts poured out in the form of paper meant we had tangible memories to look back on”

Let’s hope this happy couple is in for a lifetime of surprising each other in the sweetest ways

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