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I Spent 518 Hours Making This Futuristic Medieval Armor That Is Lit From Inside And Flexible

I’m a self-taught artist and I’ve created a 3D printed Sovereign Armor

The project started with me doing 88 hours of research about armor and 20 hours of sketching

Next step was creating a 3D model based on my body measurements

After creating a base model of armor and drawing sketches of intricate details, I modeled the intricate details into the armor

While the armor was printed, I rendered the color and LEDs to give myself an idea of what the final piece would look like

After cleaning and gluing the printed pieces I spent 12 hours sealing the multiple layers of armor components

Next steps were sanding, more cleaning, and making the surface paint-ready. Then I hand-painted the basecoat

I airbrushed several different colors and once that was done, I hand-painted gold embossed details

After sealing the armor I spent 115 hours creating multiple layered lining, LED placement, and connecting armor components

And here is the finished product

The armor with LEDs on

Close up of the Sovereign Armor breastplate

Close up of the back of the Sovereign Armor gorget (neck armor)

Close up of the Sovereign armor front pieces

Close up of the Sovereign armor back pieces

Sovereign Armor gauntlet articulation test

Me in the armor

And now I work like this everyday

Take a look at the Making of video of the 3D Printed Medieval-inspired Women’s Fantasy Sovereign Armor

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